Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Art Journal Pages

are still emerging from my painted journal pages at a slow pace.  I found this lady in one of my painted background pages.  Taking a que from Amanda Trought over at: and

I looked closely at the painted page and voila'; there she was.

I also found this lady in the back of one of my pages and was most profoundly delighted.  I did not know these ladies were hiding in my pages.


  1. Carol, they are gorgeous! It is such a great process, and I feel that they all have a story to tell, it is amazing, all of my paintings are done like this now! Looking forward to seeing more come out. Hope you and your family are well xxx

    1. Thanks Amanda. I am still not sure just how I'm creating these ladies. I have no formal art training and I know that some of my shadows and or highlights are not correct; but I guess you can call it outsider art.