Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Art Journal Cover

made from a brown paper bag for a faux leather-look.  This book started out with a plain, ugly, faded blue cover.  But I envisioned the beautiful book that it could become.
I first covered the entire book with white gesso.  It was left to dry for a day or more while I worked in my other journals.This is the way I work, because I am impatient and need to be working on something every chance I get.
The brown bag was first taken apart to remove the bottom.  I was left with this generous amount of paper to begin my magic.
I painted the entire bag with lumiere super copper metallic paint; that's really intended for fabric, but I use it all the time in my journals.  Once the paint was dry I scrunched the entire bag over and over until it became to feel like cloth.The scrunched bag was torn into 2-3 inch pieces and were then glued onto the entire book randomly.  The edges left from tearing was then touched up with the same paint.  I then rubbed a stazon ink pad over the entire cover to stain the raised portion that was created from the scrunching. I then added a prepainted piece of fabric paper to cover the spine and part of the front and back of my journal. After each element was added to the cover I applied a coat of "Traci Bautista's" glossy Collage Pauge.  The title is done in my own handwritten text.  I know the title does not seam to be straight, but that was intentional.  The lettering is straight, but I intentionally cut the wording out at slight angles.
                           How did I do?