Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Art Journal Cover

made from a brown paper bag for a faux leather-look.  This book started out with a plain, ugly, faded blue cover.  But I envisioned the beautiful book that it could become.
I first covered the entire book with white gesso.  It was left to dry for a day or more while I worked in my other journals.This is the way I work, because I am impatient and need to be working on something every chance I get.
The brown bag was first taken apart to remove the bottom.  I was left with this generous amount of paper to begin my magic.
I painted the entire bag with lumiere super copper metallic paint; that's really intended for fabric, but I use it all the time in my journals.  Once the paint was dry I scrunched the entire bag over and over until it became to feel like cloth.The scrunched bag was torn into 2-3 inch pieces and were then glued onto the entire book randomly.  The edges left from tearing was then touched up with the same paint.  I then rubbed a stazon ink pad over the entire cover to stain the raised portion that was created from the scrunching. I then added a prepainted piece of fabric paper to cover the spine and part of the front and back of my journal. After each element was added to the cover I applied a coat of "Traci Bautista's" glossy Collage Pauge.  The title is done in my own handwritten text.  I know the title does not seam to be straight, but that was intentional.  The lettering is straight, but I intentionally cut the wording out at slight angles.
                           How did I do?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pages from my art journals

keep me busy and in a harmonious spirit.  This page was totally not intended to be what it is, but I tried to manipulate what was there and guess what?  This is what emerged.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Double -sided art journal page was done

First double-sided journal page
over a few days of intervals of painting, adding modeling paste, adding words, etc.  I had so much fun doing this spread that I have already started prepping more pages to work on in this manner.
close up
close up

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pages from my first altered book

finally are where I can access them.  It was a nightmare dealing with new software that I am using on my new computer.
I would like to explain that I am totally new to this book altering art ; however when I want to do something that others are already doing I believe that I can also do it.  I am a self- taught art quilt designer, quilt maker, altered book art and "artist".  LOL
I do watch videos to learn how others approach their art, then I use learned techniques to create my own art.  I love improving on techniques that others use,  I have always been a person that prefer to do my own thing.  Paint is one of my favorite things to mix and manipulate.  I love saturated colors.  I am a simple kind of person when it comes to drawing and painting, so I believe my art is not complex.
These pages are made using a myriad of techniques.  Enjoy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Back of first Journal

I have been having a hard time uploading , and then finding my pictures from my art journal.  I have a new computer and am using Google Chrome, WPS Writer and a lot of new programs.  I have managed to upload the photos, but locating, naming, and finding them when needing to post  has proven to be a challenge to me.  I would rather be painting, but I must solve this matter.  Again, here is the back of my journal.  I'll continue to work out the kinks with the compute, and hope to have it all together soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Found Passion: BOOK ART

It has been four years since I first set up this blog, and very little posting has been done here.  I am truly sorry if you found it lacking.  And I know you did, because I did too.
Well, I have a new found passion:  Book Art.  I have always been in love with books.  Before I married again books used to be my sleeping partner.  One side of the bed was for books and the other side was for yours truly.  Had to change that; but it is not unusual for the hubby to come in at night and find the books on the bed with me and have to wait for me to move them for him to get in.

Long story short; I am still not done with quiltmaking; however I am pursuing book art as a new creative outlet and much needed therapy.

I do hope I will be able to share my book art, and various techniques I have learned since late 2013 when I started altering books.  I have never taken a class except for watching youtube tutorials because my time is divided between caring for my husband and my arts; to include gardening, dressmaking, and quilting, and the book arts.

This is my first attempt at altering a used book cover.  It was covered with the old paper towels I sued to paint some papers to use in the book.  I used some thick white paint to cover some areas of the paper towels then hand painted it.  The word "Threads" was part of the title of the old book.
The inscription in the title of this book is"  Bits and pieces of old lace and Threads" .  Around the tree says: heart expressions, hopes, spiritual thoughts, dreams, aspirations, wishes, and praises; all of which are included in this journal.  I will show the back and some of the pages in the next post.